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Jaryd P. Kase, CFBA

Jaryd holds degrees from Tulane University and Harvard University. He has received the CFBA credential from the Family Firm Institute and is certified as a CA-AM by the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals. Jaryd's consulting experience spans multiple industries including hospitality, construction, nonprofit, and professional services, among others. He excels in understanding and building on the strengths of corporate culture and executing strategic growth strategies for businesses of all sizes.

Jaryd has lived and worked in multiple countries. He currently lives in New Orleans, Louisiana with his wife, son, and puppy. He is active in his nonprofit, Les Enfants d'Abord, based in Senegal.

The CFBA Credential

Issued by the Family Firm Institute, the Certificate in Family Business Advising helps family businesses identify credentialed advisors around the world. 

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